Creaciones Loscos was founded in 1973 in Zaragoza (Spain). It's a family business company specialized in manifacturing all kinds of leather garments such a coats jackets fur coats...

The taste for fur coats and ostentatious luxury from the last decade of the 20 century is a thing of the past. Thouse sumptuous coats worn as a social status only remain as a symbol of an era, Creaciones Loscos know well about it, and the new way to see the fashion now a days is cmpletlely different.View Collection »




Loscos Piel manufactures special size made to measure to suit the customer's needs.


Personal Advice

We manufacture our garments using only the best of Spanish lamb-skin with a varied proposal of styles and trends for all needs.

The fact that not twoo lamb-skins are the same gives all our garments a unique character and personality.


Alterations and Repairs

Don't hesitate to bring your out date garments which are forgotten at the back of your wardrobe, our professional team make you than you need.
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9 septiembre 2011 |
Feria de Stocks
Participación en la Feria de Stocks del Auditorio de Zaragoza donde se reúnen las mejores firmas locales, para liquidar existencias.


9 Octubre 2011 |
Feria General de Zaragoza
Participación en la Feria General de Zaragoza, en la semana de las Fiestas del Pilar.